Commercial Outdoor Water Feature

Water Features

Custom Outdoor Water Feature Design in UtahWhether you’re looking for a cascading waterfall, a pond, a pondless waterfall or water feature, a beautiful natural stream with cascading waterfalls,  the surrounding ground cover, custom landscape, or a new patio to surround a water feature, Pebble Creek Landscaping has you covered. Located in Draper, we can build your koi pond complete with water plants, streams, and then surround it with your choice of wrap around patio. Not sure if you want it to be a rock garden or a flower garden amidst ground cover? Worried about water costs? Don’t be. Pebble Creek Landscaping is water conscious in this desert climate. We use only the most water efficient options to keep your costs under control. No matter your choice, let our specialists walk you through it.

Accent Your Features

Backyard Water FeatureFurthermore, we can easily incorporate any form of garden or patio next to your pool and take it to the next level. We can beautify your area by using a specially tailored mixture of mulches and soil conditioners to help you conserve water, control unwanted weed germination, and amend your soils. This means your soil will have premium growing conditions for your plants, flowers, and trees. This also means you aren’t losing money on overwatering your landscaping.

Let us build you a retaining wall or a decorative sitting wall next to your flagstone patio and pool to give you more usable space. Want to illuminate your new custom built pergola gazebo with landscape lighting? We can help you.

Backyard Water FeatureYour Utah landscape should be a peaceful and beautiful place to enjoy.  It should be a beautiful place with visual accents from all areas. It should be so beautiful that even when you’re inside you’ll want to open your window to hear the soothing sound of running water. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

You’re ready for your new landscape – and we can make it happen today.